(Verse 1)
In the shadows of our love, there lies a hidden ache,
Every word unspoken, every step we take.
We dance upon the shards of broken trust,
In the silence, echoes of love turn to dust.

Pain in relationships, cuts deep like a knife,
Tearing through the fabric of our shared life.
We’re drowning in the tears we’ve cried,
Lost in the darkness, nowhere to hide.

(Verse 2)
Fragments of our dreams scattered on the floor,
As we cling to memories, longing for something more.
The distance between us grows wider each day,
Yet we’re bound together, unable to break away.

Pain in relationships, a relentless tide,
Pulling us under, unable to confide.
We’re suffocating in the space between,
Hoping for redemption, for our hearts to intervene.

We build walls higher, trying to shield the pain,
But the cracks in our armor reveal the strain.
We’re prisoners of our own design,
Trapped in this cycle, running out of time.

Pain in relationships, a haunting refrain,
Echoing in the chambers of our hearts again.
We search for solace in the depths of despair,
But the scars of love are always there.

So we’ll carry on, despite the scars we bear,
Knowing that love’s pain is something we both share.
In the wreckage of our hearts, we’ll find our way,
For even in the darkness, there’s a glimmer of day.

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