(Verse) In the heartland where the wind blows strong, There’s a sorrow in every song. Fields of wheat, skies so wide, But inside, there’s a pain we can’t hide. (Chorus) Oklahoma pain, it cuts like a knife, Through the storms and the dust of life. From the plains to the rolling hills, In our hearts, […]

Tulsa riots

It sounds like you’re referring to the Tulsa race massacre of 1921. It was one of the most devastating episodes of racial violence in U.S. history. In the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was a thriving African American community known as “Black Wall Street,” a violent mob of white residents attacked the area, destroying […]

free tulsa song

(Verse 1) In the heart of Oklahoma, where dreams took flight, There stood a beacon of hope, shining bright. Tulsa’s Black Wall Street, a bustling avenue, Where ambition soared and visions came true. (Chorus) Oh, Tulsa Black Wall Street, your spirit lives on, In the stories we tell, in the strength we’ve drawn. Though your […]

free Oklahoma rap song

(Verse 1) Welcome to the land where the winds they blow, Where the sunsets paint the sky with a fiery glow. Oklahoma, where the fields stretch wide, And the spirit of the people, it never hides. From the plains to the city lights, We hustle hard, grinding through the nights. Tulsa to OKC, yeah, we […]


LIKE A STORM Verse 1) In the quiet of the night, I’m alone With memories that cut me to the bone Every word we spoke, every promise made Now they’re just echoes that refuse to fade (Pre-Chorus) I’m drowning in the tears I’ve cried Lost in a love that slowly died But I’ll keep holding […]


[ FREE SONG ] (Verse 1) In the heart of the plains, where the winds do blow, There’s a place where the wildflowers grow. But beneath the surface, a story untold, Of a land where the dreams of the young unfold. (Chorus) Oklahoma in the trap, caught between the past and the now, Where the […]


(Verse 1) In the shadows of our love, there lies a hidden ache, Every word unspoken, every step we take. We dance upon the shards of broken trust, In the silence, echoes of love turn to dust. (Chorus) Pain in relationships, cuts deep like a knife, Tearing through the fabric of our shared life. We’re […]


Title: “Lost in Your Love” Verse 1: In the quiet of the night, I feel your presence, holding me tight. Your love wraps around me, Like a melody, so sweet and free. Pre-Chorus: Lost in your love, I’m drifting away, Caught in the rhythm, you make me sway. Every whisper, every touch, I can’t get […]



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